Reduce Chances of Fire With Hood Cleaning & Shepherd Filters

Professional kitchen hood cleaning removes the built up debris from cooking that cakes onto the inner surfaces and components of your kitchen fire suppression system. This keeps you within sanitary standards and makes your cooking area safer, reducing the chances of debris and caked on grease potentially catching fire. Failure to properly clean hood systems may result in the loss of your insurance coverage if fire damage does occur.

Keep Your Staff & Kitchen Safe With Hood Cleaning

Contact us today for professional hood cleaning services and installation of Shepherd grease filters to reduce chances of destructive kitchen fires.

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Thorough Cleaning By Professionals

Field’s Fire is certified to clean any kitchen hood system in your commercial kitchen. Our technicians are fully licensed and highly experienced with a wide variety of hood systems. We work efficiently and diligently, causing as little interruption to your kitchen operations as possible, so you can get back to productivity.

We Also Install Shepherd Filters To Trap Grease

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Shepherd Filters:

Shepherd filters trap up to 98% of the airborne grease produced from cooking before it can enter the kitchen’s exhaust system. Fire retardant wool grease filters prevent large amounts of grease from entering your hood exhaust system, reducing geousebuild up and its associated fire risk.

Installation and replacement of your Shepherd filter only takes a few minutes, so interruption to your kitchen and staff is minimized. Your hood system will require cleaning less often, saving you time and money, and the filter can be conveniently thrown away when no longer useful.

  • Reduce Risk of Fire

  • Save Time & Money

  • Reduce Need For Cleaning

  • Are Environmentally Friendly

These filters drastically reduce grease from entering and then building up in your ductwork, fans, plenum and roof. This reduction in grease residue reduces the chances of fire.

Need Hood Cleaning & Grease Filter Services? Call Field’s Fire!

Contact us at 1-888-670-FIRE today to schedule thorough and detail oriented hood cleaning services and Shepherd grease filter installation from certified technicians. We strive to provide you with amazing service every single time so that your kitchens and facilities can operate efficiently and safely.

Why Use Field’s Fire For Your Fire Protection?

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