Do You Know What To Do If A Fire Breaks Out In Your Building?

Field’s Fire Protection, Inc. conducts extinguisher and building fire protection training for any size facility. Training is aimed at all employees. The training can be customized for your individual needs as follows:

Safety By Choice, Not By Chance.

Protect your business with commercial fire protection from Field’s Fire Protection.

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  • The Fire Triangle/Tetrahedron.

  • Types/Classes of Fire.

  • Causes of Fire.

  • How to Extinguish a Fire.

  • Basic Fire Prevention.

  • Fire Extinguisher Types.

  • Practical Live Fire Demonstration, including allowing all employees to use an extinguisher on a live fire.

  • Certificate of Completion.

  • We can also go over the other types of Fire Systems that are in your facility and how to operate each one.

Class duration and costs depend on the size of the class. Please contact us for a Fire Safety Training Class quotation.

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