Fire Pump Installation, Inspection & Maintenance

Fire pumps kick into action when the main water supply is not providing adequate pressure for the fire protection system. When the water pressure is not strong enough, it makes it harder for your system to distribute water for sprinkler, foam, standpipe, water spray, water mist and other fire suppression systems. This can make extinguishing the fire an inefficient process. Water from another source is pumped in by the fire pump to raise the water pressure and flow to solve this inadequacy.

These pumps are generally used in high rise buildings and large warehouses, where water pressure is a large scale process.

Professional Fire Pump Services For Your Protection

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A Vital Component To Your Fire Safety System

A fire pump is an important part of your fire safety system, as it ensures that enough water flow will occur in emergency circumstances. If your main water supply cannot meet the demand of your fire suppression systems during a life threatening emergency, the pump steps in to bring crucial water flow.

Field’s Fire Provides Fire Pump:

  • Inspection
    The NFPA requires different types of tests and inspections to be administered regularly for accurate measurements of pump performance. Our technicians will perform thorough testing and inspection and provide a detailed report of our inspection for your records.

  • Installation
    Your building’s needs are specific. Our experienced technicians use their professional training and expertise to provide you with the fire pump best suited to your operation’s fire safety needs. Accurate and correct installation means a system you can rely on.

  • Maintenance
    Many components need to work for your fire pump’s proper operation. Our maintenance services ensure that your pump is ready and able to operate safely if a fire breaks out.

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