A Fire Hydrant System Stands By For Your Protection

A fire hydrant system is the water supply network for your fire safety system. It includes water supply and storage, pumps, pipes and valves, boosters for points of attachment, hydrant valves for hose connections and fire hoses. The system contains pressurized water, which stands ready for an emergency.

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Hydrants Supply Water For Fire Fighters & Suppression Systems

The hydrant system is the backbone of your fire protection system as it provides water to hoses and sprinkler systems for fire suppression during an emergency. Having an insufficient water supply during an emergency can be deadly and catastrophic.

Field’s Fire Installation Offers Hydrant Installation, Inspection & Maintenance

  • Installation
    Our expert technicians use their experience and knowledge to assess your facility’s needs and correctly design and install a hydrant system that will bring you effective protection during a fire threat.

  • Inspection
    We will professionally inspect your entire fire hydrant system to ensure compliance with all applicable codes and standards. As a large system with multiple components and connections, you’ll want a company that puts pride in its work, to give you assurance that all aspects of the system are ready for fighting fires.

  • Maintenance
    Leaks, rusted parts, loose nozzles and debris and sediment from system lines can cause problems. Maintenance will find problems and make sure that your system is ready to provide steady water flow when it needs to.

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