Hoses Are A Powerful Fire Protection Tool

Fire hoses provide a strong defense against fires, delivering a powerful stream of water that can be easily aimed to fight fires from multiple angles. Field’s Fire also installs sprinkler hoses that connect your automatic sprinkler system to your building’s water supply.

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From hoses to full fire suppression systems, Field’s Fire handles all of your commercial fire protection requirements. Schedule service today.

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We Provide Fire & Sprinkler Hose Installation, Inspection & Maintenance

We want to provide you with all your fire and sprinkler hose needs so that you won’t have to deal with going back and forth between different companies. We install high quality hoses made with high quality materials.


When installing fire hoses and sprinkler hoses, we take into account your facility’s layout and design to place hoses for optimal firefighting potential. We will ensure that your hoses are installed and stored properly to increase their effectiveness.

Importance of Hose Inspection & Maintenance

  • We inspect hoses thoroughly to make sure they comply with all current regulations and are functioning properly so that they’ll operate effectively during a fire. Correctly working hoses can greatly aid in a firefighter’s ability to work.

  • Inspections are especially important after hoses have been used, as mildew and mold can begin to grow and cause material deterioration. Any sort of leak or degradation in a hose can negatively affect its flame fighting potential.

  • Maintenance and inspection will ensure that all parts of the hose, including the nozzle and the assembly it is connected to, are functioning properly so that you’ll have a reliable measure to use against fire in an emergency.

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Why Field’s Fire Is Your One Stop For Commercial Fire Protection

We pride ourselves on being the go to provider for all of your commercial fire protection needs. When you rely on us for all of your fire protection services, you’ll take some stress out of your busy schedule. Don’t deal with the headache of keeping track of multiple contractors. Choose Field’s Fire and bundle your services to save money today!