Immediate Awareness Means Immediate Reaction

A fire alarm system can make the difference between life and death. Fires can spread quickly, creating dangerous amounts of smoke and heat. Sounding the alarm quickly matters, as every extra second allows your people more time to escape safely. It also allows you more time to put out a small blaze with a portable fire extinguisher, preventing it from turning into something only professional firefighters can handle.

We install fire alarm systems based on your property’s specific requirements. All of our work is done by licensed technicians who take pride in their work. With our fire alarm services, professional craftsmanship and your satisfaction are our top priorities.

Alarms Provide Early Warning For Dangerous Fires

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Field’s Fire Protection Offers Fire Alarm System Services Including:

  • Installation
    Our installs are tailored to your building’s design, optimizing the system’s ability to alert your occupants.

  • Inspections
    Our licensed technicians provide regular inspections to ensure safe function and code compliance.

  • Testing
    Testing ensures all aspects of your fire alarm system are ready for an emergency.

  • Repairs
    Our technicians are prepared to repair all components of any type of fire alarm system.

  • Maintenance
    Regular maintenance keeps your alarm system in working condition while alerting technicians to fixable problems before an emergency occurs.

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Your Alarm System Can Also Integrate With Your Security System

When your security and fire alarm systems are monitored simultaneously, you’ll have more peace of mind as a facilities owner or operator, knowing that necessary actions will be taken whenever you have a fire or security threat.

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