Proper Function Means Better Protection From Fires

Large commercial and industrial buildings can be labyrinth like. With multiple levels, rooms and large floor plans, the nature of large scale buildings can make them particularly hazardous during fire emergencies. If a dangerous fire occurs, a clear path to safety through noxious fumes and smoke is crucial.

This is where Field’s Fire Protection comes into play. Besides our wide range of services for industrial fire suppression systems, our technicians install exit signs and emergency lighting based on your specific building designs. This works to provide optimal visibility for safe escape during a fire threat.

Exit & Emergency Lights Are Crucial To Safe Escape

Field’s Fire technicians perform installation, testing, inspection and repairs for your emergency and exit lighting. Schedule professional service today.

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Regular Maintenance & Testing Prepares For Disaster

Having licensed professionals regularly test and check your exit and emergency lighting systems is important to their reliable function.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, requires there be a minimum of two emergency exit routes for the facility to be designated as safe. Each exit route must be marked with emergency exit signs and lights that are OSHA approved. Clear signage makes safe escape easier, and allows firefighters to quickly find equipment in an emergency.

These lights need regular inspection and testing to ensure that they will work during an emergency. We will thoroughly check your exit signage and emergency lighting wiring, bulbs and backup batteries to make sure they are ready to provide a path to safety when you need it most.

FIeld’s Fire Is Your One Stop For Exit & Emergency Lighting

Call us today at 1-888-670-FIRE for any and all of your organization’s emergency exit sign and lighting needs. Our technicians have experience with multiple industries and their unique needs and can design your emergency escape routes and signage for optimal safety. We design routes to comply with all inspections and codes.

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