Safety By Choice, Not By Chance

Field's Fire Protection, Inc. is a nationwide full service Fire Protection Company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Established in 1998, Field's Fire Protection was founded on the principles of providing our customers with quality service and affordable protection. Starting as a small, family owned business, Glenna and Mike Field have seen their work pay off. As a result, we have been fortunate to grow into a nationwide, full service fire protection company with branch locations in Michigan, Illinois and Indiana, and partnered coverage across the United States.

As a Woman Owned Business, Field's Fire Protection continues to raise the bar for our employees, giving them opportunities to excel and achieve personal success. We believe respected workers make the best employees, and that translates to our customers. As we continue to grow, our priorities remain the same: to provide our customers with professional and reliable service, and the knowledge that their workplace and properties are well protected. 

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Field's Fire Protection, Inc. is a member of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
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